Revive Your Habitat with Rock Work

We specialize in building natural stone retaining walls in North Idaho and the greater Spokane area. By accessing various suppliers throughout Eastern Washington and North Idaho, Special Additions Landscaping, LLC can offer unique retention solutions for every site. Granite, basalt, ledgestone, slate, and bluestone are locally available. We build all sizes and scale of stairways, stacked walls, stone paths, and retaining walls.

Fitted self-supported rock arch with river stone retaining wall Fitted and placed two tier stone retaining wall with paver patio Self-supported rock arch garden entry Meandering pathway line with landscape lighting and rockwork Natural rock dual tier retaining wall Placed flat stone entrance pathway Natural rock retaining wall split into two tiers Lake cabin with multiple tiers of basalt retaining walls Walking path with natural granite boulder retaining wall Sunset bathed windows with lawn and drystacked rock landscaping Six foot high stacked, basalt boulder wall Curved retaining wall using naturally stacked stone quarried in Clark Fork Curved stone stairway with native stone farm/field wall Multi-tiered retaining wall using rectangular 'Stutzke Stone' from Clark Fork Ledge stone retaining wall with lush lawn landscaping Crushed, aged granite retaining wall with perennial flowers and ground cover Concrete edged lawn with small, natural, broken granite stone wall Stacked natural stone in three tier stepped retaining wall Driveway lined with natural rough granite boulders and granite steps Mixed stone, rock and boulder stacked wall Two-sided, drystacked rock wall built from native stone Full view of multiple tier, ledge stone wall Paver driveway with grass grid pavers and boulder wall constructed of ledge stone supplied by Stutzke Stone of Clark Fork Mixed stone, native and imported, retaining wall Side yard retaining wall with natural wall cover Medium-sized granite boulders framing a paver patio Stone flower design built into drystacked basalt retaining wall