"It's been a long time, maybe in years, that I've told someone that they exceeded my expectations. You have. Both in character and work, you are the real deal. Please use our home as a testament to the talent of you and your crew."
∼Pat F.

Sunnyside in Sandpoint, Idaho

To protect this Sandpoint, Idaho home from the possibility of a spring flood, the entire home was built 9 feet above the existing grade on a compacted subgrade of crushed rock. Sandpoint landscaper Special Additions Landscaping, LLC built a two-tier, rolling retaining wall on the south side of the home to compensate for the sudden change in elevation. On the north side of the home, approximately 3,500 yards of earthwork was done to shape the site, move runoff, and contour a two-acre fenced horse pasture. An 8 foot fence was built to protect the garden from deer and elk traffic. At the north corner of the property a horse arena was constructed.

Front entry with garden beds and ground cover Natural Flagstone patio set in grass Wood and stacked stone garden beds Drystacked rock retaining walls  on sun drenched exposure Frontal view of stacked retaining wall More drystacked retaining walls with water feature Fenced horse pasture and stable Curved gravel driveway garden beds and lawn Fenced garden and flagstone walkway to the barn Flower beds and ground cover fronting drystacked rock wall Gravel driveway, ground cover and wood fence Highly contoured lawn with drystacked retaining walls

General Contractor:
Legacy Construction – Greg Davis

Boden Mountain Architecture - Tim Boden

Landscape Design by:
Special Additions Landscaping, LLC

In Collaboration With:
“The Gardener” – Patti Jester