Special Additions vs. The People of Hayden Lake

A lengthy negotiation was crucial to the outcome of this project. Was it the money? No. The contractor? Designer? No and no. In this case, the most difficult negotiation took place between the husband and wife. A series of meetings resulted in more questions than answers, and an arbitrator was brought in to settle the dust. That arbitrator? Special Additions Landscaping, LLC. Exclaiming, “Damn the torpedoes!” Special Additions Landscaping forged ahead while the homeowners golfed, and split the difference between conservative functionality and liberal excess. The result was a dynamic project that renovated a nearly unusable site into a fun and functional landscape. For the first time in history, the case was closed with a victory for all involved.

Stone steps descending through retaining wall to a rock ring firepit Flat stone steps down to water Rock ringed firepit overlooking lake Full view of landscaped hill from the dock Stone stairway down to rock ringed firepit Stone stairway between rock retaining walls Landscaped hillside working around existing concrete retaining wall Rock circle firepit with stone curved retaining wall Top-down view of the landscaped hillside Curved rock retaining wall Rock Ring firepit with curved retaining wall Firepit rock ring on landing with lake overlook landscaping overlooking the path to the firepit and the lake

Landscape Design:
Patti Jester

Landscape Construction:
Special Additions Landscaping, LLC