Paving Hope

Charcoal Pavers were the order of the day, week, and months on this Hope, Idaho project. In total, approximately 7,000 square feet of pavers were installed on the driveway, walkways, and patio. In between, several terraced retaining walls were built to restrain a soggy slope that housed a maze of groundwater springs. A gravel walkway was incorporated for wheeled travel to the side door as an alternative to 3 different staircase options. The homeowner’s favorite hobby was gardening, and the existing garden location was rebuilt as part of the project.

Paver patio with stone steps and gravel walkway Lighted stone steps and paver pathway Paver pathway leading to stone steps in front of rock retaining wall Landscape lighting for stone steps with rock retaining walls in the background Lighted gravel walkway up with stone steps Stone paver lighted pathway down to the water and dock Three tier rock retaining wall overlooking paver patio Multiple tier fitted rock retaining walls Paver patio below multiple tier rock retaining walls Fitted rock wall separating layers of lawn Paver pathway with natural rock steps and landscape lighting Stone paver parking lot and driveway Paver pathway with landscape lighting and stone steps Stone stairway and lighted pathway down to deck and dock Garden trellis over raised planters Lawn slope leading up to stone steps leading down to gravel and paver pathway Multiple tier paver pathway leading to deck Full view of paver pathway with landscape lighting Large paver parking space for guests Concrete stairway splitting multiple tier retaining walls with drainage Concrete stairs next to multi-tier retaining wall Pathway with stone steps and pavers running by out buildings Compacted paver driveway build for vehicle traffic

General Contractor:
Hope Builders – Pete Gauthrie – (208) 290-5485

Landscape Design and Construction:
Special Additions Landscaping, LLC