Our Culture

Here at Special Additions Landscaping, LLC, we don’t consider ourselves ordinary and we choose to pursue the extraordinary! From the very beginning of a project, we consider all options—often discovering that the genius of nature can be found in its simplicity. Our instruments of choice are shovels, rakes, and, most importantly, creativity, to build functional landscapes that mandate interaction with nature. We also build sustainable lawns and gardens because we fully appreciate the time demands and amount of commitment a homeowner will spend in partnership with the landscape after we’re gone. In other words, we take into consideration how many hours of work will be traded for hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

When we approach a new site, our intent is to offer a new perspective and to explain the possibilities that exist beyond conventional habits. Our primary goal as a landscape design and construction company is to make your environment more accessible and exciting. To that end, we’ve assembled the people, resources, and equipment to properly address the demands of each individual site with the final result being to Revive Your Habitat!

Owner Nate Lynch hammering rock retaining wall into place