Spokane South Hill Treaty

Finally! After three years of restoring this Spokane South Hill home originally built in 1910, the homeowners were ready for the final touch – the landscaping. Special Additions Landscaping, LLC removed 120 yards of material, installed a 500 square foot patio in the back yard, and built two decorative cedar fences for privacy. The husband and wife made a treaty after debating the merits of a Japanese-style landscape and a bee and bird lover's garden. Final score: husband (bees and birds) 1, wife (Japanese garden) 3. Three quarters of the yard reflected a Japanese garden theme and one quarter was for the birds.

Front yard with paver edging and walkway Granite boulder in lawn Shade garden with boulders Stone pagoda in Japanese garden style Cedar gate in cedar fence in Japanese garden style Hydrapressed slab walkway on South Hill home Cut Granite stairs and stepping stones Sun/shade perennial bed Square stepping stones with custom cedar fence and gate Pennsylvania Bluestone paver edged with natural granite boulders Custom built cedar fence Edging, boulders and lawn in the back yard Compacted gravel storage area Hydrapressed slabs by 'Abbotsford' Slab walkway and custom cedar fence Ornamental Japanese stone lantern

View the previous landscaping pictures of this south hill home.

General Contractor:
Corbin Construction – Darren Corbin

Landscape Design and Construction by:
Special Additions Landscaping, LLC