Spokane Patient

This project didn’t go particularly smooth. Subcontractors lobbied for space during a significant remodel to the house, the addition of a new garage, the demolition of an existing structure, and the removal of several hundred yards of soil and concrete. In the meantime, Special Additions Landscaping, LLC managed to puncture a gas line and fought tooth-and-nail with a gas fire pit with a defective burner. The masonry subcontractor suffered a serious injury prior to completing the stonework and was delayed nearly two months. Thus, a project intended for completion in the spring trickled into the summer while guests gathered around a flameless firepit. But, if nothing else, Special Additions Landscaping, LLC showed some pluck, and stuck to it. The homeowners stuck to it as well, and set several new records for understanding and patience. The project included nearly 2,000 square feet of pavers, a sunken firepit, custom pergola, sprinkler system makeover, lighting, and a heated walkway. Sorry about the delay!

Patio pavers with concrete edging and white concrete pillars Flower bed embedded in patio with shade from custom pergola Lawn up to concrete edging with patio and garden beds Concrete edged paver driveway with automatic gate Backyard fountain in garden bed with paver patio in the background Sunken gas stone firepit with matching stone retaining wall Paver patio parking space just past gate Paver parking overlooking lawn and flower beds Lawn with concrete edging against a path Rose from the flower garden with the pergola in the background Flower beds in paver patio with custom pergola Concrete edged paver path and step to garage Fountain with paver patio and custom pergola Paver driveway with parking space in front of the garage Concrete decoration in flower beds surrounded by flowers

General Contractor:
Birchcrest Homes, Inc. (509) 991-7299

Landscape Design:
Barb Safranek (509) 939-8338 www.barbarasafranekdesign.com

Landscape Construction:
Special Additions Landscaping, LLC