Warren Island in Hope, Idaho

For this North Idaho project in Hope, Idaho, the most difficult aspect was delivering the material. The homeowner’s challenge was to find a unique and interesting way to get from the dock to the front door—while at the same time maintaining the natural beauty of the site. We made about 30 trips from Kramer's Marina by barge and used a crane to deliver 300 tons of stone and 100 yards of gravel, soils, and mulch. Special Additions Landscaping, LLC installed a 40-step stairway from the dock to the front door complete with retaining walls and pathway lighting. Additionally, a long grass access way was built to give wheeled access to the back “grocery” door. An extremely overbearing deer population required a carefully selected planting scheme. Near the back of the property, Special Additions Landscaping, LLC built a deer-proof fence to allow the family to grow vegetables in raised cedar planters.

Rock wall and steps Natural, drystacked rock retaining walls Cut stone pathway with multiple layers of retaining wall Multiple tiers of drystacked retaining walls and steps Cut stone stairway with pathway lighting Stone stairway and boulder retaining wall Deer-resistant fence guarding raised wooden garden boxes Wooden, raised garden beds Stacked rock retaining walls Entrance walkway with fitted rock Raised, wooden garden boxes with drip irrigation Retaining walls and stairway Rock stairway and path placed in grass Cut stone pathway, retaining wall and pathway lighting Rock steps and pathway lighting Fitted flagstone pathway Grass softscape separated by rock retaining wall hardscape

General Contractor:
McMahon and Easterbrook – Dan McMahon

Landscape Design By:
Bernardo Wills – Dell Hatch

Landscape Installation By:
Special Additions Landscaping, LLC