The Cliff

This project, located in Hope, Idaho, was completed in July of 2011. To make the landscape functional, a series of retaining walls were engineered and built to accommodate a large flagstone fire pit, a sitting area, and a patio and hot tub near the home. The work included a heated, 5,000 square foot tumbled paver driveway, 1,500 square feet of cut flagstone patios and walkways, 25 irrigation zones, 3,000 yards of fill material, and over 800 feet of drainage piping which feed 3 strategically placed treatment swales. The majority of the landscape was re-naturalized with a dryland fescue grass seed to create a more natural look and conserve water. Approximately 1,000 square feet of grass grid was installed to accommodate guest parking. The project took portions of 3 years to complete, as the landscaping was installed in phases in coordination with the General Contractor’s schedule.

Curved, natural stacked rock retaining wall Multiple tier natural rock retaining walls Lighting inset into paver patio Flagstone patio with sod on lower level Steps to lower level with fire pit in background Stone steps, retaining wall and lawn Top view of landscaping and fire pit Flagtone walking paths with stone stairway Paver driveway under construction Flagstone patio with inset hot tub Raised lawn with paver driveway Front entry gray paver patio Flagstone walkway inset in grass Natural rock retaining walls on hillside Square pavers in grass for a lattice pattern Grass grid parking and paver driveway

General Contractor:
Hope Builders – Pete Gauthier

Jon Sayler

Kingstone - Dillon Wallace

Landscape Design and Installation by:
Special Additions Landscaping, LLC