Use Water Features to Revive Your Habitat

North Idaho and the greater Spokane area are full of natural beauty in their streams, lakes and rivers. Special Additions Landscaping, LLC has carefully considered the flow and fall of local, natural bodies of water, and attempts to re-create the beauty of nature in every water feature we construct. We propose water features only when appropriate to the site, and stress the importance of proper filtration, circulation, and exposure. We select areas of the landscape which are focal points to outdoor living and seamlessly incorporate fountains, waterfalls, and ponds. We'll bring the sound of moving water into the home through open windows or screen doors. All of our water features are covered in concrete to protect the life of the liner, and every measure is taken to allow for easy cleaning when needed. Let the sound, movement and life of a water feature Revive Your Habitat!

Multiple tier water feature with natural boulder and natural rock Tri-tier natural boulder waterfall into a collection pond Natural stone waterfall mixed with river rock Stone bridge crossing stream bed Meandering water feature of natural boulders adding ambiance Closer view of a splash pool waterfall water feature Collection pond with boulder borders and view of the lake Basalt bird baths and bubbler rock incorporated into water feature Multiple tier waterfall with collection ponds Stone basalt pillars and columnar basalt bubbler rock Natural boulder waterfall made from river stone Multiple tier natural boulder waterfall with river stone