"I didn't see what was possible--I'm glad one of us did! This project would have been impossible to pull off without the skill and dedication of your crew. Our sincerest thanks to Special Additions."
∼Doug P.

Path to Harrison

This home was built to reflect the look of a pioneer homestead while incorporating the modern conveniences of 2016. The landscape design was entrusted to Dell Hatch of Bernardo Wills with the decree to augment the existing natural beauty with formal space to relax and entertain. He was also asked to furnish a rustic pathway that would withstand small equipment traffic.

A dirt pathway that performed like asphalt was produced by combining a soil-stabilizing solution with a mixture of sand, clay, and crushed aggregates. In addition, a small lawn and gas firepit were constructed to overlook the valley, and the cliff was rebuilt to resemble a natural boulder outcropping. Sandstone slabs were imported for several patios and landings, and a custom dryland grass mix was applied to the borders of the property.

Clay, dirt and crushed aggregate path to out buildings Natural pathway made from crushed aggregate Firepit positioned on scenic overlook with lawn and natural rock landscaping Lawn from porch with natural rock and mixed grasses and plants Landscaping blended with the natural vegetation to blend lawn with hillside Bungalow porch down to lawn with outdoor seating Outdoor seating around open firepit with scenic overview Gas firepit with scenic overview of the valley Full view of valley from the lawn Valley overlook from firepit with outdoor seating Manicured lawn from covered porch with outdoor seating Outdoor path lighting tucked into natural grasses Lighted pathway cutting through native grasses to outbuildings Lighted pathway meandering through native vegetation Fitted rock steps leading down from clay pathway Flat rock pathway and steps between building Clay, crushed, aggregate path wandering off into the wilderness Rock path and steps leading to clay path overlooked by porch Clay pathway running through native grass Full view of landscape and lawn

General Contractor:
Bill Strange of Tekton Construction (208) 215-0800

Landscape Design:
Dell Hatch of Bernardo Wills Architecture (509) 838-4511

Landscape Construction:
Special Additions Landscaping, LLC